The 4 R’s of Worship

Sermon from February 18, 2018 at GrandView Community Church

Worship is not so much defined in Scripture as it is defined. We can look at various pictures of worship in the Bible to determine truths about what worship is. One of the most beautiful pictures of worship is found in Isaiah 6:1-6. In this passage, God reveals His holiness and His majesty to Isaiah, who responds by acknowledging his own sinfulness. God cleanses Isaiah of his sin, and Isaiah responds by offering himself in service to God, “Here am I. Send me.”

What can we learn about worship from Isaiah?


Praying Through Difficult Circumstances

Sermon from February 25, 2018 at GrandView Community Church

What is your gut reaction and your response in times of difficulty? Do you turn to God, or do you become angry and turn away from Him? How do you pray during difficult circumstances? This message is taken from Mark 14:32-42, a time when Jesus offered up prayer to the Father in the midst of sorrow and pain.

What can we learn from Jesus’ example of praying through difficult circumstances?