Reflections is a FREE devotional e-book available to those who sign up on Sheri’s email list. There are 31 reflections on Scripture with reflection questions for each day. The devotionals address topics such as “Who am I?” “Who is Jesus?” What do I want/need?” “What does Jesus want me to do?” “Where would Jesus have me go?”

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The Chosen One, Sheri’s newest writing project, is an allegory inspired by 1 Peter 2:9 that explores the intersection between predestination and free will in the form of a story, much like Jesus might have used in his teaching. Rather than a dry lecture or a scholarly debate on the issue, this story presents these two concepts in an engaging and understandable means in order to spark discussion.

The Chosen One is set in a fictional kingdom that has been split apart by a rebellious faction. Before she is born, Bara is chosen to marry the king’s son as part of a plan to reunify the kingdom. While waiting for the prince’s return, she struggles with being chosen and wanting to make her own decisions. She wrestles with temptation, frustration, and confusion, and she must endure danger and suffer physical and emotional wounds before she experiences peace.

Stay tuned to learn more about the book’s future release. (Image shown is not final cover art.)